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A Newer Outlook about the pathogenesis of Chronic Venous Diseases

  A Novel Technique based on Microscopic Venous Valves (MVVs)

A New Ray of Hope for the suffering fellowmen and the future generation

The technique of Microfoam Sclerotherapy has been modified physiologically, based on the concept of the importance of Microscopic Venous Valves in the pathogenesis of Varicose Veins and subsequent triggering of the impediment of microcirculation which ultimately  leads to Chronic Venous Disease (CVD).

Our Institute is a Research Center, working on the clinical and genetic aspects of venous diseases. It is collaborated to Rajiv Gandhi Center for Biotechnology (RGCB), Thiruvanathapuram, Kerala, India. At present we are doing the procedure  of MMFST on more than 3500 patients annually with excellent results without any remarkable complications.

The Modified Microfoam Scelerotherapy (MMFST), done in our center is entirely different in principle and is just the opposite of the conventional  procedures like Microfoam Sclerotherapy (MFST), EVLT, RFA  or other open surgical methods  followed throughout the world. The drug profile of Polidacanol (POL) is very interesting and I had the privilege of using the drug on approximately 30,000 patients with excellent results and therefore I call the procedure a ‘Chemical Bombing’. No sclerosant drug can match with POL is safety and efficacy. Patients and the best Judge and they approved the benefit of my technique.

There is a Research Foundation (Dr N Radhakrishnan Foundation) to promote advanced research on venous diseases and offer post doctoral fellowship scholarships to eligible candidates selected by RGCB . They have to work in RGCB under the guidance of eminent professors for three years.