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My Experience with Sclerotherapy

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Dr. N. Radhakrishnan
Medical Director
St. Thomas Institute of Research on Venous Disease
in collaboration with
Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology
(A Division of St. Thomas Hospital)
Chethipuzha, Changanassery - 686104.
Kottayam, Kerala.
+91-481-2721794 to 97,
2723500, 2723600, 2723700,2729000, 2729100, 2721594


E:mail: dr.arkay@gmail.com

My experience with Foam Sclerotherapy For Leg Varicose Veins

My Profile

I had my graduation (MBBS) and post graduation in General Surgery (M.S.) from Trivandrum Medical College, Kerala, India and I have put in 38  years of professional experience. I am working as Senior  Consultant Surgeon in St. Thomas Hospital, Chethipuzha,   Changanassery, Kerala, India from 1980. St. Thomas  Hospital is the major hospital in Changanassery offering services  in all disciplines of Medical and Surgical Specialties and  subspecialties. The Institution is owned and managed by the  Arch Diocese of Changanassery (Roman Catholic). There are  many premier educational and charitable institutions managed by  the Arch Diocese. The oldest and prestigious St. Berchman’s College (SB College) and Assumption College are some among our sister concerns.

How I started doing this procedure?

Till 1990, I used to do the conventional Trendelenburg’s Operation and Stripping in most of my patients. Later I changed to Subfascial ligation and excision. From 1995 onwards I started doing the Sclerotherapy. This was reserved exclusively for very aged patients with nonhealing varicose ulcers, who were otherwise misfit for surgery. Finding the procedure excellent I started doing on more patients. Cases are well studied, documented and followed up from 1997. Patients started coming by hearing from those patients who previously underwent the procedure and slowly the technique became accepted. Patients started coming in large numbers demanding Sclerotherapy to be done for them. Slowly we started getting patients from nearby districts. The patients’ acceptance and satisfaction helped us to get more and more patients from all over Kerala, all over India, from Lakshadweep, Gulf Countries, Europe, Africa and United States.

How I do it?

I do the FOAM SCLEROTHERAPY and the solution used is Polidocanol (POL) or Sodium Tertradecyl Sulfate (STS) in varying dilutions at multiple sites and varying postures. The whole procedure takes hardly 10 minutes. No anesthesia is required. Patients come usually in the morning and go back home in the evening.

My Experience with Sclerotherapy

Out of more than 2400 patients who underwent this minimally invasive procedure, my observations are as follows:

  i.    Most of the patients (60%) belong to Class VI (CEAP) Group (with non healing extensive Ulceration of foot). About 20% with Class V (recurrent or healed ulceration); 10% with Class IV (Eczema, Extensive leg Hperpigmentation, Lipodermatosclerosis); 7% with Class III disease (Lower limb edema) 3% with Class II & I (Classical Varicose Veins & Spider/ reticular veins).

ii.     Out of 500 patients, one patient develops allergy to the drug.

iii.    Only one incidence of Deep Vein Thrombosis is reported so far.

iv.   About 20 % of patients have some dryness of mouth and mild heaviness of head during the procedure.

v.     Dark staining along the length of vein is observed in some cases

 vi.   5% patients develop hypotension and hence the procedure should be done in the operating room with monitoring facility.

vii.    Recurrence after the procedure is less than10%, which can be corrected easily by Sclero at those sites.

viii.   Two cases of local Hirsutism have been reported.

 ix.   Blister formation, ulceration and cellulitis occur rarely when given for spider veins of the foot.

x.     Foam Sclerotherapy is excellent especially in the sense; the quantity of drug can be remarkably reduced and side effects very little.

 xi.   Sclerotherapy is equally effective in very large sized, midsized and in Spider/Reticular veins.

xii.   Selection of Surgeon is the most important factor in the final outcome of success rate and not the choice of method of treatment.


Cost of treatment

Unimaginably low cost of treatment
Incomparable low cost of treatment for varicose veins, anywhere in the world compared to any other technique

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Procedure Acceptance Graph

The following graph is self explanatory as to the acceptance and patient's satisfaction :


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